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NPO Cure Sarcoma will participate in Relay For Life Japan 2015 Hachinohe

Relay For Life is a community based fundraising event to raise funds and awareness to save lives from cancer by patients and supporters walking overnight. We can share courage and hope at this RFL.

NPO Cure Sarcoma will participate in this event in Hachinohe as a team from noon June 13 (Sat) to noon June 14 (Sun).

We will be in a relay walk. Also we would like to use our team tent as a place for communication among sarcoma patients and families.

Please find our new Cure Sarcoma banner and join us in RFL.

Relay For Life Japan 2015 Hachinohe homepage:

*Pictures below are from RFL last year.


NPO Cure Sarcoma participated in Relay Report from participating in Relay For Life Japan 2015 Ibaraki

NPO Cure Sarcoma participated in Relay For Life Japan 2015 Ibaraki (RFL Ibaraki) as a team on May 16 and 17.


RFL Ibaraki was the first place to hold RFL in Japan. It was held in “Research and Science City” Tsukuba and had a very young and refreshing atmosphere because many students attended from the neighborhood.

We released dove-shaped white balloons into the sky with our hopes and prayers. (This white dove balloon release started in Tsukuba for the first time as well. Our NPO Cure Sarcoma top page uses the picture of last year’s balloon release.)

We had slight rain on the first day, but the weather held up for two days. From the preparation at noon on Saturday to the end of the event at noon on Sunday, we participated in relay walking and enjoyed communication with the members in the tent under the new Cure Sarcoma banner.

We had about 30 participants including new faces and the members from Kansai area. Thank you very much for coming all the way. Let us meet again and enjoy talking in other 2015 RFL events and the next 2016 RFL Ibaraki.

We also held the second regular general meeting of NPO Cure Sarcoma on the first day of RFL Ibaraki. We will report the approved 2015 activity plans and so forth on this homepage later.

2nd ordinary general meeting is to be held

2nd ordinary general meeting of NPO Cure Sarcoma is to be held as follows:

Time: 2-4pm May 16 (Saturday), 2015

   NPO Cure Sarcoma tent at Relay for Life Japan 2015 Ibaraki Kenkyugakuen Ekimae Koen,  
   2-1 Gakuenminami, Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Park in front of  Tsukuba Express Kenkyugakuen Station)

   Part 1- General Meeting (2014 activity reports and 2015 activity plans)
   Part 2- Information Sharing Meeting among members and observers

Mail notices have been sent to NPO members.

We decided to hold this general meeting in conjunction with Relay for Life Japan 2015 Ibaraki event because NPO Cure Sarcoma will participate in this RFL as a team. 

The meeting will resume soon after the opening ceremony of RFL at 2 p.m.

We will welcome non-members as an observer.  Please feel free to stop by and share information with us.

For further information, please contact our Cure Sarcoma office at

Notice of NPO New Membership and Membership Renewal for 2015 (Fee/Bank Account)

Cure Sarcoma welcomes sarcoma patients, their families and any others who can support our activities.

Please pay the new and renewal annual membership fee to the following bank account:

Annual fee: individual member: 3,000 yen; corporate member: 30,000 yen

Bank Account Mizuho Bank Omori Branch  Account No.:1510100  Account Name:特定非営利活動法人キュアサルコーマ (NPO Cure Sarcoma)

Once we confirm the completion of membership registration and fee transfer, we will send an e-mail to you.

Difference among Cure Sarcoma Center, NPO Cure Sarcoma, and S-net

There seems to be some confusion about the difference among three organizations; General Incorporated Association Cure Sarcoma Center, NPO Cure Sarcoma, and S-net. We will explain briefly as below:

General Incorporated Association Cure Sarcoma Center This is an organization to support clinical treatment of adult soft tissue sarcomas mainly by Cure Sarcoma Board hospitals.

NPO Cure Sarcoma This is our group with sarcoma patients and their supporting members.

S-net This is a closed SNS communication site for sarcoma patients and their supporting members.

10th Sarcoma Seminar is to be held

10th Sarcoma Seminar is to be held: NPO Cure Sarcoma is going to co-sponsor 10th Sarcoma Seminar with General Incorporated Association Cure Sarcoma Center as follows:

Time: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., February 26, 2015
Place: Luke Hall, Mochida Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Dr. Nomori: Cryosurgery on malignant lung tumors
Dr. Koike: RFA on liver tumors
Dr. Takahashi: Status report on leiomyosarcoma treatment
Dr. Ohno, Dr. Hatae, Dr. Yajima, Dr. Teraoka: Status reports on sarcoma surgery treatments
Dr. Narahara:
 Status report on treatment using Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) inhibitor Pazopanib (Votrient)
Dr. Koyama, Dr. Oyama:
 Status report on international clinical study of newly developed sarcoma remedy

An over-dinner gathering is planned from 6 p.m. after the seminar.

Report from attending Japan-US International Sarcoma Workshop

On December 4 and 5, five members including myself from NPO Cure Sarcoma (an organization of adult soft tissue sarcoma patients and families) attended the workshop “The Japan-United States International Workshop on the Sarcoma Research and Therapy” in Honolulu, Hawaii. This workshop acted as a kickoff meeting of the Japanese Sarcoma Association. We were looking forward to attend the conference and hear the expected progress.

It was very refreshing to hear the presentations of familiar Japanese doctors in English. We learned the two new treatments (combination use of pazopanib and denosumab to the bone metastasis of soft tissue sarcomas, and cryosurgery) for the first time at this conference.

The presentation from Dr. Brohl about genome analysis on Ewing sarcoma was very difficult. We found some differences between Japan and US during the conference. For example, there are more liposarcoma patients than leiomyosarcoma patients in the US. Ion beam radiotherapy is in more advanced use in Japan.

Dr. Takahashi’s group had more patient cases in their presentations because the sarcoma patients came mostly to this group for help. We felt that the Japanese treatment results in surgery, local treatment, and the use of pazopanib were equal to those of US results. We got an impression that the US treatment methods did not differ a lot, but there were more clinical trials conducted in the US in chemotherapy area.

We eagerly hope that a deep international discussion on sarcoma study and treatment will be done and the best standard treatment method will soon be established for sarcoma patients. We NPO Cure Sarcoma will try our best to support the development of sarcoma treatments.

December 21, 2014 NPO Cure Sarcoma Hiroyuki Onishi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees