‘CureSarcoma’  was founded in june 2014. It is a nonprofit organization that supports patients  and their families of soft tissue sarcomas (STS) in adults. The research of STS in adults falls behind other cancer research and it does not have any established treatment methods today.
  It is said that there are about 5 to 8 thousand people diagnosed as sarcoma in Japan. Among them, STS in adults in the thoracic and abdominal regions consist of the majority, other than children’s sarcoma and bone sarcoma.  Chemotherapy and radiotherapy do not cure STS in adults. It tends to relapse repeatedly after surgeries and spreads in the lungs, liver and peritoneum in the end.  It has very unfavorable prognosis. As a result patients are often lost,  frightened, and disappointed. They feel very isolated because there are no other sarcoma patients around them. No standard treatments are available other than surgeries. Patients, families, and doctors eagerly wait for the development of a new therapy to be developed sooner. Furthermore, because sarcomas tend to relapse repeatedly, any  treatments require time and money. Very high medical expenses often befall patients and families. There are many obstacles for them to worry in their future life.
  Our main objective is to support patients by providing information they seek
and help them establishing mutual communication with doctors and other patients.  We are  also very active fundraising for research and education for families and doctors. Most of our members lost their loved ones so we sincerely hope that we can decrease some anxieties and
hopelessness and improve patients’ overall quality of life.

Chief Director
Hiroyuki Onishi