Relay For Life Japan 2015 Hachinohe Attendance Report

NPO Cure Sarcoma participated in the Relay For Life Japan 2015 in Hachinohe (RFL Hachinohe) as a team on June 13 and 14.


RFL Hachinohe was an event rich in local color with many local students, pupils, and even a costumed mascot character attending. One of the organizing committee members with strong leadership was our fellow sarcoma patient. She was very busy but kept smiling all the time. Thanks to her and other members, the event was full of smiling faces and laughing voices. They arranged our patient member to attend the survivors’ talk on the first night stage. We would like to thank organizing committee members for their hard work.

More than 10 people including sarcoma patients and families from Tohoku and Kanto could communicate by talking under the team tent and walking in the relay during the two days. Members from Kanto forgot to bring NPO Cure Sarcoma flag, but communication with fellow members, good food in Hachinohe, and 3 nearby hot spring visits made them forget the fatigue from 700 kilometer drive. It was windy at the beginning and we worried about the coldness at night and the possible damage to the tent, but the weather became milder. We achieved a record high of 6 people spending all night at the tent, which was a very good experience.

Thank you very much for all involved in RFL Hachinohe. We hope we can meet again at other RFL’s or in Hachiohe next year!