Monthly Archives: September 2016

RFL Activities

NPO Cure Sarcoma attended RFLs in Tokyo (Komazawa), Fukushima, Fukuoka and Ashiya. We plan to attend some other coming RFLs in Gumma, Kochi, etc.
Please join us if you have a chance.

Cure Sarcoma Chairman Visited a Member of the House of Councillors

Mr. Onishi, Chairman of NPO Cure Sarcoma visited Mr. Masaru Miyazaki, a Member of the House of Councillors, with two other members of rare cancer patients’ support groups (Ms. Umaue of Children’ Brain Tumor Support Group and Mr. Nishidate of GISTERS.)

Mr. Miyazaki is a rookie House Member from Komeito representing Saitama Prefecture. He requested this meeting because he wanted to learn more about rare cancers. We explained the current treatment status of rare cancers and adult soft tissue sarcoma.  We also submitted a petition to ask help for creating rare cancer treatment centers and adequate treatment systems, training medical specialists, and supporting basic clinical research on sarcomas.

A Member of the House of Councillors has a long 6-year-term. We hope our steady petition activities will be paid off.